Letters Of The Month.

To the delight of many researchers, Col. Prouty read all the e-mail from this site. And often answered. Posted below are some relpy to good questions. I hope you find them interesting. Unfortunatly Fletcher has passed away.
Knowing Col. Prouty as well as I have, I may be able to answer some questions.
Please feel free to ask.
E-mail to Len Osanic

Letters of the Month Topics:
    RE: Subject: Genocide and the Drug War
    RE: Origins of Oil
    RE: CIA & Drugs
    RE: The Cold War
    RE: The Christchurch Newspaper Nov. 22/63
    RE: Executive Order 11110
    RE: The Bay of Pigs
    RE: The Assassination of Alfred Herrhausen
    RE: The MIA / POW question
    RE: Gary Powers U-2 flight was sabotaged
    RE: Allen Dulles Testimony - Powers U-2 Flight
    RE: Response to commentary on WHO KILLED FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT
    RE: Undermining U.S. currency by the High Cabal
    RE: Revelations regarding MIA/POWs and CD-ROM

Replies to website Email from Col. Prouty-

Due to many questions being duplicated I will post many of Col. Prouty's replies here for all read. Go through these before you send in you question it may already be answered.

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