Letter of the Month
From: Jimi Kauffman
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 18:20:00 EDT
To: osanic@astridmm.com

Dear Len,

I had looked for the following quote yesterday when I first wrote to you but couldn't find it. Finally came across it at 4:00 A.M. I'll type it and hang it above my desk today.

"Men stumble over the truth from time to time, but most
pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened."
Winston Churchill

The Prouty CD-ROM works beautifully...it was me and not the CD, of course. I have enjoyed it immensely and have spent many, many hours reading all the material. In fact, I have spent entire nights, until after the sun has come up, because it's impossible to stop, once I begin.

You have done a truly incredible job in getting such massive amounts of information on one CD. One of my former Special Forces friends was here last week from Bangkok and I had him pouring over all of Prouty's Vietnam information. He was only here for 24 hours and I had quite a time tearing him away from the computer and your CD!! He had wanted to check out the Internet and never made it as he preferred Prouty's (and your) CD instead.

It has been a wonderful treat and I thank you again for sending it. I've read "The Secret Team" several times over the years, always having it brought from the library. Now I have it at my fingertips! Isn't it interesting how Prouty's words, (published in 1973?) are as relevant today as they were then? But then, truth never changes.

In fact, because of you and Colonel Prouty, I've been forced to open my mind even more. (No simple thing for one who THOUGHT they were already "aware!") You had been kind enough to email me Prouty's papers on POW/MIAS about a year or so ago. It is the only information from the Colonel that I ever doubted and I simply pushed it in the back of my mind as "questionable." I would "allow" the Colonel one wrong direction, right?!!

Well, here I am at this point in time, with egg all over my face, having realized that it wasn't the Colonel, but me, who had taken a wrong direction with his revelations on POW/MIAS. My Special Forces friends in Southeast Asia had agreed with his writings all along...but it would take your CD to turn me around, by slapping me up against the side of the head! The powerful comment you have on the back of the CD literally blew my mind wide open..."Those who have not been in the position to witness events such as these from the inside, would not understand how invisible but ultimately effective they and their power structure are." Wow! That should be on a poster for the world to read.

So thank you, not only for the CD, but also for the many hours of education and awareness by revealing the truth. I will treasure it forever...