Who is Col. L. Fletcher Prouty ?

Movie Fact: Fletcher Prouty in Oliver Stone's 'JFK'.

Donald Sutherland was cast as the Air Force Col. 'X' in Oliver Stone's film 'JFK'. The Col. 'X' character was, in fact, modeled after Col. Prouty. Fletcher was a consultant during the making of Stone's award winning film, so it is not surprising that the conversations between the lead character, Jim Garrison, and Col. 'X' in the movie are based on fact.

Col. Prouty maintained a friendship with the real Jim Garrison until Mr. Garrison's recent passing away.
Click here to read one of Col. Prouty's many letters to Jim Garrison.


L. Fletcher Prouty is a retired Air Force colonel who served in the Pentagon from 1955-1963. He was Air Force Focal Point officer for the Department of Defense in support of CIA covert activities.

Col. Prouty is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin. While in the U.S. Air Force, he graduated from the Air Command and Staff School and from the Armed Forces Staff College. He was the Chief Pilot at Cairo Air Transport during WWII. During the occupational period in Japan, he was Military Manager of the Tokyo International Airport.

He taught at Yale University for three years with the ROTC program. He has edited and written college-level text books in the fields of transportation, communications, and aeronautics.

His book "The Secret Team" (Prentice-Hall, 1973 and Ballantine paperback, 1974) is about his experiences while a member of The Office of the Secretary of Defense and The Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. During the Kennedy years his title was Chief, Special Operations Division, Joint Chiefs of Staff, or chief of "Team B". He was a briefing officer on various special assignments dating back to the Cairo and Teheran conferences of 1943.

He also became founder of the International Air Traffic Controllers Assn. Col. Prouty retired from the military in 1964. He was the Vice President / International Operations for the General Aircraft Company, Vice president / marketing for the first National Bank on Arlington, Virginia and the Madison National Bank in Washington D.C. He also worked as Spokesman for the Amtrak Corporation, and as Senior Director of Public Affairs for the National Railroad Corporation. Presently he is a writer living in Alexandria, Virginia USA.

Col. Prouty as most know, was the basis for the "Mr. X", in Oliver Stone's movie JFK. Before and after the movie, Fletcher has been one of the most influential speakers on the subject of the CIA and the cold war . Anyone wishing to investigate these events cannot get a better inside perspective.

It has been said that, "History is Biography".
Fletcher has first hand knowledge of these events he speaks of!
His knowledge of historical events is amazing. From the "Downing" of the Gary Powers U2 flight, the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the JFK Assassination, The history of the 1970's Oil Crisis, The history of Oil, not a fossil fuel, MIA's in southeast Asia, to the secret origins of the Cold War. Col. Prouty's perspective is an eye opening adventure for most.

About his time in the Pentagon, you won't find a more revealing and honest appraisal. Among other things, you will learn the difference between NSAM 263 and 273, and the discover the difference between the words,"Directed or Approved ", with regards to CIA operations.

Not unlike Jim Garrison, some totally false, misleading, and libelous articles and statements have surfaced regarding Col. Prouty. Rather than spend time refuting these obvious efforts of misinformation, the least that can be done is to provide the record in his own words and thoughts for people researching to decide for themselves.
For anyone wishing to get to the truth about Col. L. Fletcher Prouty, here is what he has had to say. As more articles become available they will be posted at this site.

Len Osanic

The following is the known list of his work available so far. Listed by subject description, date, and where to get copies.
For more information you can E-mail Len Osanic at osanic@prouty.org or call 604 525-3974

Len and Fletcher Sept/1997


JFK, The CIA, Vietnam, And The Plot To Assassinate John F. Kennedy.
Birch Lane Press, Published by Carol Publishing Group 1992

The Secret Team, and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World .
Prentice Hall 1973 / The Institute for Historical Review 1992

Both these books are available from Col. Prouty or Tom Davis Books

Understanding Special Operations - David Ratcliffe
From the 1989 interviews with Col. L Fletcher Prouty


"The Mind of Fletcher Prouty"
John Judge interviews Col. Prouty, who was liaison officer between the Secretary of Defense and the CIA Director at the time of the JFK murder. Prouty helped to script the Donald Sutherland "Mr. X" portion of the Oliver Stone movie.

"Mr. X on the Stoney Knoll"
Believe it or not, John Judge brought Col. Prouty to the same spot in Washington where Oliver Stone shot the scene with Kevin Costner. For over two hours, Fletcher and John discussed the CIA, covert operation, assassinations, the Reagan shooting, KAL flight 007, and much more ! Very important information.

"Interview with Bruce Kaner and Patrick Formy", 1993
Discussion of the history of the Vietnam Conflict, hemp, the oil "heist" of the 1970's, the history of the classification of oil as a "Fossil fuel", transportation, and omission in the media.

"Interview with David Ratcliffe", Oct. 16th 1994
Back with a video camera, David Ratcliffe does a wonderful follow up to his previous excellent work of 1989.
For three hours they discuss topics such as, JFK, the MIA - POW problems in Vietnam,
Ed Lansdale, the Helio airplane, Transportation safety,and the infrastructure.

These four videos available through Prevailing Winds Research / Address at bottom of page

"Interview with Len Osanic / Andy Hill",   Oct 16th 1995
Four hour conversation in Col. Prouty's home. Topics range from Ed Lansdale to Allen Dulles,
Gary Powers U2 flight (that never was shot down), The real history of the Cold War, The movie JFK, his views, and the other documentaries on the assassination, Moles , The media and omissions.

"Fletcher Prouty Speech in Portland, Oregon",  March 1993, Producer unknown at this time.
Fletcher spoke to a packed house on the secret history of the US, his book, various assassinations,
a conversation between Elliot Roosevelt and Stalin, and took questions from the audience.  ( 2  hours )

"The Men Who Killed Kennedy", - Produced by Nigel Turner
This documentary included an interview of Fletcher as reference
Produced by Nigel Turner for Central Independent Television .

"Who Killed Martin Luther King ?",   Produced by OTMOOR Productions. 1989
Aired by BBC as part of their "Inside Story" series 10/2/89
Producers have been unable to have the program aired in the USA
Documents FBI/CIA/Local Police conspiracy to murder Dr. King emanating from the highest
levels of US. society.  Fletcher was interviewed for his knowledge of assassinations and
appears in several segments.  (64:00 min.)


...That an extremely powerful group, within the United States government,
set up the objective of killing Kennedy in order to control the progress of the government
in the direction they wanted...Theres no question about it looking back.
                                                                             Col. L. Fletcher Prouty


Interviews by David Ratcliffe.   -Recorded May 5th-8th 1989

These interviews are outstanding and some of the finest on the subject.
If you haven't heard these you can't know the whole story. Col. Prouty points us firmly in the right direction.
He also points out Gen. Ed. Lansdale, and what Gen. Lansdale did for a living before his "retirement Oct. 31st 1963".
Then figure out for yourself where Ed Lansdale got his orders.
Who did he work for anyway ?
How many people really knew what he was good at?
What did he do after Nov. 22nd 1963?
The call that came in to the unit assigned to augment the Secret Service in Dallas, the call that ordered them to "stand down".
Where did that call come from?
Who could have made that call?
You might have to read between the lines but there is no doubt about who it leads to.
Clearly the picture in Dealy plaza is Lansdale.

"Very, very, clever planning"- Col.L. Fletcher Prouty.

Our hats off to David Ratcliffe.

The Assassination of JFK, and the existence of "The High Cabal"     (3 tapes)

Col. Prouty dicusses Protection for the President, and reveals just how assassinations are carried out.
Discussion of the assassination of the President, highlighting some of the major contradictions and fantasies of the "official mythology" regarding this seminal post WWII event.   Fletcher discusses his own experiences in New Zealand the day of the killing. He discusses the High Cabal siting referrals to such an entity by the like of Winston Churchill and Buckminister Fuller.

The Secret Team    (3 tapes)
Discussion of his book of the same title. Quoting from the preface: From president to ambassador, cabinet officer to commanding general, and senator to executive assistant. All these men have their sources of information and guidance. Most of this information and guidance is the result of carefully laid schemes and ploys of pressure groups. In this influential coterie, on the of the most interesting and effective roles is that played by the behind the scenes, faceless, nameless, ubiquitous briefing officer...

" For nine consecutive, long years... I was one of those briefing officers. I had the unique assignment of being the focal point officer for contacts between the CIA and the Department of Defense. On matters pertaining to the military support of special operations. (A name given in most cases, to any clandestine, covert, undercover, or secret operations by the government or by someone, U.S. citizen or a foreign national...) of that agency".

Recollections of 23 Years of Service to the US.   (2 tapes)
Col. Prouty recounts his years as an Air Transport Officer during WWII in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Pacific. As well his assignment to headquarters of the Air Force in 1955 to set up and run the Office of Special Operations between the Pentagon and the CIA. Providing Air Force logistical support to world wide covert operations. In 1960 he continued this line of work in the office of the Secretary of Defense and transferred, into the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff where he became the chief of Special Operations for all branches of the military until he resigned from the Air Force in December 31, 1963.

These sets of tapes are available from Dave Ratcliffe, address at bottom of the page
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Radio Free Maine presents Oliver Stone, with Col. L Fletcher Prouty at Harvard University. Jan. 16th, 1992
Oliver talks about his film, and the "Man X", and takes questions from the audience. 1 hour.

Who's on the Secret Team ?
Interview with Paul McIssac, Nanette Rainone, and Carl Ogelesby. - Subject, Nixon and Watergate 1973
Available at Pacifica Radio Archives # E2BC1616

Interview with Peter MacKenzie at the National Press Club
Researching for his article on the AIDS pandemic, Peter spoke with Fletcher about AIDS, and various topics. 1992    (3 hours)

The CIA and World Peace- Conference, April 5th 1975 , At Yale University
From the evening session of the conference, Col. Prouty talks about his experences with the CIA from post WWII until the early 1960's (40 min.)
Available at Pacifica Radio Archives.


  • Vietnam Daze With McNamara - A Critique of his book, "In Retrospect, The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam".
  • Watergate and the World of the CIA
  • Don't Get Mad, Get Even. - The Era of the Kennedy's
  • Getting The "Business" in Vietnam, The POW / MIA Roadblock
  • The Middle East Cauldron
  • Secret US. Military Operations, Past and Present
  • Allen Dulles, A Legend In His Time
  • The Guns of Dallas - Oct / 75
  • The Guns of Dallas: Update - May 1976
  • How the CIA Controls President Ford
  • Curbing The CIA - Genesis April 1975
  • The CIA's Biggest Goof - Gallery Feb. 1976
  • Miami speech March 3rd 1994 - "The Thirtieth Anniversary of the Coup d' Etat in America"
  • Visions of a Kennedy Dynasty - from FREEDOM magazine,April-May,1987
  • Focus On Iran, The Next Vietnam - From Genesis 1974
  • Gallery Interview-Nov. 1975, - Interview with Gallery's senior editor, F. Joseph Spieler
  • Indonesia 1958: Nixon, the CIA,and the Secret War.  Aug. 1976
  • The CIA's Secret War on Capitalism - March 1977
  • Report On The "Mongoose" Cycle...Nov.1961-Oct 1962
  • The Military Industrial Complex, and the Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution
  • Transportation at the Crossroads - July / 81 - Fletcher calls this the, "Best and most important article he has written"
  • AMTRAK 'S NEW GAME- Russian Roulette, July 1984
  • To Hell With High Prices.
  • Tracks Are Back,   -Really?
  • Conflict - The Dorff Report , May 1990 - The Friendly Skies - Korean Airlines 747 Flight #007
  • Safe On Sakhalin- The Story Of KE#007
  • The Last Flight of 007 - from Gallery magazine 1984
  • COINTELPRO - The FBI takes the law into its own hands, May 1985
  • Jimmy Doolittle and the GEE BEE - his article in AIR FORCE magazine 1977
  • Air Power - The Control of Accessiblity
  • The Assassination of Alfred Herrhausen, Dec. 1989
  • Citizen Power Thyself...  - article on Solar Power, April 1976
  • Arms Control in the New Age of Warfare - 1962
  • Agribusiness International Conference - Transportation and Logistics, Sept. 1980
  • The Traveller's Best Medicine: Safety - 1990
  • Kennedy's commitment to Vietnam
  • The Vietnam Experience - A VERY IMPORTANT ESSAY !
Reprints of all these articles are available.
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Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Responds to Accusations of Involvement in Right Wing Extremist Groups
Interview Date: April 3, 1996

"Esquire magazine published an article, in which they just made up these things, I've never written for Liberty Lobby. I've spoken as a commercial speaker, they paid me to speak and then I left. They print a paragraph or two of my speech same as they would of anybody else, but I've never joined them. I don't subscribe to their newspaper, I never go to their own meetings, but they had a national convention at which asked me to speak and they paid me very, very well. I took my money and went home and that's it". I go to the meeting, I go home, I don't join.

That sole speech was years ago and was no different than the speech I gave at the Holocaust Memorial Conference. I spoke my own words and ideas.
I do admit to having been a rather active public speaker for all types of audiences, on a commercial except for Rotary, They're gratuitous from my point of view.

"The funny thing was two months earlier I had spoken at the Holocaust Conference for the second annual meeting of the Holocaust Group which I learned later the Liberty Lobby is completely opposed to. Dr. Littel, of the Holocaust Memorial organization invited me to attend and make a few comments,as others were requested.

Col. Prouty has been asked to attend at the Holocaust Conference again later this year !

Well, they put all this in this Esquire magazine but did it all backwards, as though I was a member, writing with these people or joining them.
The only club I've joined is the Rotary Club !".

The attempt of character assassination is a sign you have become a small threat. Others, at the levels I know of, have played up that as though I had been converted to something. It is just their "gentlemanly" tactic of dealing with people they can't handle otherwise.. In fact it is a CIA characteristic trait...as I well know. When they can't handle you, they attack your character.

This classic was found on the internet;
" An essay written from a leftist perspective by Chip Berlet, deals with the ties, and Mark Lane, and the extreme right-wing paranoid Liberty Lobby. Nothing here shows Prouty to be a Nazi or an anti-Semite, but shouldn't he show better judgment in whom he associates with?"

This implies I associate with Nazis, or why else write it!

The writings of Furhmann, Perry, Berlet, Posner, etc. are slick, cleverly written, but not based in the true facts.
I wonder what they do for a living? where they work? Who pays them to write?
My credentials are laid out for all to see.
L.Fletcher Prouty

Like Jim Garrison and Oliver Stone, many things have been written to discredit their good work.
You can read Col. Prouty's insite to the days when he briefed the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and draw your own conclusions.
Read his book "The Secret Team" which deals with his first hand knowledge of the CIA and Covert Operations and draw your own conclusions.
Read his good article "The Guns Of Dallas" right here at the web site, and draw your own conclusions.
Ironically, the more they set up the personal attack, a conclusion can be drawn that the closer to the truth Col. Prouty and others are, with regards to the Kennedy assassination.

For more information on any, or all of these articles
you can E-mail Len Osanic at osanic@prouty.org

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