The Collected Works Of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty
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I'm very impressed. This is important subject material.
I was surprised at the amount of information contained on the CD.

Best Regards,
Oliver Stone


I received the CD ROM a little over a month ago and it ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is so much information on it. WOW, and so much to understand and absorb.
Well worth the investment.

Thanks again,

Brian Dinger

CD-ROM: The Collected Works of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty

Not very often does a CD-ROM materialize down here in the Probable Cause office that makes everyone, and I mean everyone stand up and take notice. But The Collected Works of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty did just that!
You name it, this CD has it. Documents, articles, photographs, the full text of Prouty's hard to get THE SECRET TEAM and even eight hours of audio - that's right folks, 8 HOURS!, is enough to keep any researcher glued to the screen till well past bed-time.
We highly recommend this CD-ROM to everyone interested in not only the JFK Assassination, but also other world events. It all makes sense when put into perspective.
The CD is easy to load, use and navigate through and is pleasant on the eye. (unlike some others we haven't mentioned...). You wanted the best, then this is it.
Buy it or be left out in the cold!
Head on over to The L. Fletcher Prouty site now and order a copy before the CIA does!

* * * * - Highly Recommended

Steve Gerlach

Subject: It Came, I saw & heard, It conquered!
WELL DONE LEN! Dear Len and Col. Prouty,

Yesterday I received the CD -- beautifully constructed, superbly organized
-- and put 'er up just like that -- SMOOTH AS SILK!!!!.

I'm literally shaking with excitement and anticipation.
Words cannot adequately describe my feelings
but I tell you true...My gratitude to you,Len, and to you, Col Prouty
and to the ENTIRE TEAM that made this CD possible is simply unlimited.
Please let everyone know that. THANKS VERY MUCH, indeed.
The QUALITY of the SOUND is fantastic...both that associated with the SPEECHES and MUSIC!!!
Daniel E. Reynolds
From: Charles Mauro
To: Len Osanic
Subject: Re: Thank You

Hello: I received my Col. Prouty CD today and I only have
one word to describe it ..... E X C E L L E N T !!!

I really appreciate your "OUTSTANDING"
job in putting all this information together

Thank you,
Charles R. Mauro.

Thanks Len,
The CD did just arrive yesterday. Although I have just started to review it, I have to complement you on your effort in putting this comprehensive CD together. In just listening to the audio portions alone, (even putting the whole JFK murder aside) Fletcher provides critical incites into how politics and the military operates behind the "veil.". It gives me a much better perspective on the greater proganda game being played out before us. I commend you on a fantastic accomplishment. (Oh ya, the Black Ops CD collection is great too - of course!)
Kirk Jaskoviak

Dear Len Osanic,
Just got it yesterday (and wrote about it in the public a.c.j group).
Wow!!! What a fabulous compilation. I showed it to Jim DiEugenio
You are wonderful to have put all that together in one place. I'm terribly impressed!!!
As the proud owner of this new CD, I'm amazed and inspired by the collection here.
There are whole speeches in wav format, lots of articles, the text of the book THE SECRET TEAM, and so much more. Len Osanic has done all of us a huge favor both by putting up the Fletcher Prouty web site which has such good info, and by helping put so much of Prouty's important work together in readily accesible format.

It's more than worth the money. Please support this!!

Lisa Pease
Subject: Re: Col. Prouty CD-ROM comments?
To: Len Osanic

Hi Len
Sorry it has taken so long for me to respond. The information contained in the CD is overwhelming. It provides the previously unknown perspective needed to understand events which occured in this country and around the world. Along with the understanding comes an even greater sense of tragedy concerning these events. Also, current events, are perceived with greater clarity when the same pattern emerges again and again.

Thank you, Len, Col. Prouty and all involved in the production of the CD.
Jan Stephens
To: Len Osanic
From: James Beer
Subject: Re: Prouty CD-ROM

Hi Len, have been accessing the "The Collected Works of Fletcher Prouty" CD-ROM as time is currently allowing. My initial response is that you have both done a fine job on bringing the material together in a way that facillitates ready retrieval. Fletcher Prouty lends a dignity to the revelations he makes on the shadowy machinations of power where the light of day seldom enters. The widest possible audience should receive the benefit of his experiences.

The tapes have been listened to, on my way to and from work and further reason for despondency on the future of mankind is difficult to resist. I read the JFK book of Fletcher's some two or three years ago and have tried to interest friends in it with varying success. It is fundamental to gaining any understanding as to why our democratic inclinations do not seem to be realised as we would expect them to be. My next task is reading "The Secret Team". Congratulations on gathering together this enlightening material on the CD-ROM.
Best wishes,
James Beer
Subject: Fletcher Prouty CD
I just got my copy of the Col. Fletcher Prouty CD ROM
It loaded in effortlessly. The graphics are great and the sound is superb.
The matterial on the CD is layed out very well and the information is very eye opening.
I could go on and on about all the wonderful asset about the CD, but I guess I want to say is Thank you for putting out this information in a concise, easy to read format.
Pierre Moizo

Subject: Prouty CD-ROM

The work you and your colleagues have compiled on this CD is remarkable.
I've gone through various sections and believe what you've done is truly
remarkable and a service to all willing to better understand the TRUTH.

I congratulate you all for your hard work. Col. l. Fletcher Prouty is
to be congratulated as well for his cooperation and contribution to the
extremely important work in this CD.

I will donate a copy to Pacifica Radio Station KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles
to Roy of Hollywood. I will make every effort to share the othertwo with people
that may be interested in purchasing this valuable piece of work.

Best wishes to you all, your work is quite Honorable.

John Burns
Los Angeles
Hi, Len.
Just wanted you to know that I received the cd-rom yesterday and it is great.
Congrats on putting together such an informative package.
Take care,
Mark Aiello

Subject: Prouty CD-ROM

Dear Len,
I received the CD yesterday, and was stuck to my computer looking at it the rest of the day!
Laurel Morris
JFK Watch


CD ROM REVIEW: Anyone wanting to know the "WHY" behind VietNam, Korea,JFK assasination etc need look no further than the Col.Prouty CD. It is and will be the "source material" for future histories written about these subjects. Fletcher Prouty's sagacity, honesty, intelligence cut through some of the murkiest subjects and events of post WW II.

Enough can not be said about the intellectual honesty that these materials sprang from.

Bob Knight

I've just received the CD and I want to tell everyone on the list that this CD is pure gold.
The Collected Works of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty is a piece of history no fellow buff should be without.
This give a great look into the workings of the military and the CIA (our friends and protectors )
as well as his knowledge of the JFK assassination.
It contains plenty of text, pictures, audio interviews and Col. Prouty's book "The Secret Team"
which you will have problems finding on your neighborhood book store.
- Len Osanic and friends are responsible for this collection and deserve a big round of applause.
No, I wasn't paid for this and I get nothing from it. It's one of those great things in life you come
across on rare occasion and I wanted to tell all of you about it.

: From:
: Gary L. Green, B.Sc., D.C.
The CD came today from Col. Prouty, and I couldn't be more pleased. It is truly a comprehensive work, and should be on the shelf of anyone interested in history. The fact that it is so complete is astounding in itself, as Mr. Prouty must be the most organized man in the world to maintain such records of his work.
In the meantime, please pass along that I am ecstatic over the disk.

Brad J. Parker
Bethany College
Lindsborg, Kansas


From: "Reynolds, Daniel E."
To: "Len Osanic (E-mail)"
Subject: Terrific Effort - AGAIN!

Dear Len,

I don't know how you did it...but you did. You turned the most beautiful piece of Silver INTO GOLD! What an accomplishment Len, what a contribution...and now many more can HEAR THE TRUTH!

I'm so honored to be a part of this FACT GENERATION process. I salute you - AGAIN -- and Col Prouty - AGAIN -- for a job always so well done!

You bring THE SWORD OF TRUTH, and I accept it -- with humility and a deep sense of pride and gratitude!

God Bless America, Col Prouty and Len Osanic!

Your friend & fan,
Daniel E. Reynolds

Len Osanic has achieved a significant public service by putting together this fascinating CD of Fletcher Prouty's collected works. Given the nature of the material, even though Prouty has published two books, who knows how long these books would last in paper form--and of course the articles, correspondence and interviews would most likely disappear forever.

Col. Prouty is a very rare individual: an advocate of truth. Such persons are not desired in the society we have become, and their work tends to disappear when they disappear. Thanks to the technology revolution, this no longer has to be the case, witness this fine CD, packed with state-of-the-art audio-visual documentation of the life and thoughts of a man who has had an enormous impact on a lot of people, including me. --

Michael Morrissey,


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