JULY 1998. pages 16-17

Most recommended is the "The Collected Works of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty" CD-ROM, available from the usual assassination-related outlets -- or directly from its creator, Len Osanic (see info at end of this article). In what must be one of the most comprehensive CD-ROMS ever of its type This collection includes a huge variety of visual and audio materials, including both of Prouty's books, The Secret Team and JFK, Vietnam, the CIA and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy.

Much of what's included has been out-of-print or unavailable for years -- including a number of Prouty's previously published magazine articles like "The Guns of Dallas", "The Hidden Role of Conspiracy" -- and others. There is also huge collection of photographs, and beautifully reproduced documents and memos from Col. Prouty's 23- year military career, some of which was spent as a liaison with the CIA, not to mention a host of JFK assassination photos and related visuals (Robert Cutler's famous large-sized Dealey Plaza blueprint is an important added bonus).

As if this wasn't enough, we get to see reproductions of the personal correspondence Fletcher Prouty has had with early research pioneer Vince Salandria, and with Jim Garrison and Oliver Stone -- lengthy and fascinating narratives, analyses and period background from Prouty's experiences which provided some of the political imprint for the "JFK" film (most readers will recall the "Mr.X" character, transplanted in time by Stone, but which was based on Prouty). Also in this massive collection are audio files as well (in easy-to-use .wav format) representing almost eight hours (!) of lecture excerpts and interviews given over the years by the retired Colonel, as well as a few video clips!

It's most often worth the many hours it takes to go through all this stuff; most of it representing a wealth of insight and analysis into America's covert history, and the individuals like Allen Dulles, Gen. Charles Cabell, Edward Lansdale and Lucien Conein -- men who authorized much tragic military and/or intelligence activity and often directly shaped Cold War policy. Even discounting his books for a moment, there is also extensive information and documentation here on the Vietnam war from Prouty's unique and personal operational perspective before and during JFK's administration. Readers may find essays on the oil industry, the tragedy of KAL 500, Middle-East relations and even the railroad industry. It is safe to say that despite any researcher's impressions of Col. Prouty's opinions on the assassination itself -- and the research community's opinions of his JFK views have often been polarized -- this CD-ROM is akin to a mini-library of personal and historical perspective on a the era -- from one who was there and often working "both sides" -- and thus it is a resource of great value for those continuing to study the "deep politics" of a crucial time frame of in the American experience .

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