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Review: The Collected Works of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty
Col. L. Fletcher Prouty is the best kind of historian: he lived it. And he has the documents to back up what he says. His new CD, “The Collected Works of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty” is a compilation of his many years of experience including writings, lectures, documents and pictures.

The story of the elements leading to the JFK assassination is a complicated concept for most, and nobody explains it better than Prouty. But he doesn’t stop there. Also included are facts about the CIA, Vietnam, mind control, Gary Powers U-2 flight, and much, much more.

This CD is in HTML format, which means it is viewed via a browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. It makes the best use of multimedia with videos and audio employed to help convey L. Fletcher Prouty’s information. With a click of a mouse, one can decide where to go from the main menu. Selections include ‘Biography’, ‘Official & Personal Documents’, ‘Speeches & Audio Interviews’, the book, ‘The Secret Team’, ‘Jim Garrison Correspondence’, ‘Articles & Essays’, ‘Photo Album’, ‘Video Clips’, the book, ‘JFK, Vietnam, the CIA and the Plot to Kill John F. Kennedy’, and ‘Oliver Stone & the Movie “JFK”’. Also on the CD are the Introduction, Foreward, Help & Info, Credits, and a master file list. With that master list, articles and books are stored in “.doc” format, video clips in “mov.”, audio clips in “.wav” and photos in “.jpg” for ease of printing, viewing and listening.

This is an important, powerful work that should be in the hands of everyone interested in American history, government and business. The two books alone are worth the price.

Producer: Len Osanic This CD can be purchased at the Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site.

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