John Mcadams - Laughing stock of the Internet?
He's the Westboro Baptist Church of The JFK Research Community !

...McAdams has neither the educational preparation nor the ability for such a position -- his language skills are abysmal; his analytical skills non-existent. Not only has he done no research whatsoever on the historical question he pretends to study, he has no knowledge of even the basics of a research methodology. Thus, McAdams himself argues against long established historical facts; on the other hand, he is incapable of doing the research necessary to either confirm or dispute such facts. - Debra Hartman

Once again (following my initial posting in the comment thread) I was subjected to the abrasive, sarcastic, and pejorative comments of one John McAdams---the foremost "lone-nutter" blogger in the United States---who rarely (if ever) engages in any gentlemanly discussion or debate about facts, and who usually tries to dismiss wholesale (without discussing factual evidence, or patterns in the evidence, or "the big picture") any ideas or conclusions that contradict the Warren Report's lone nut conclusion about the JFK assassination.

After observing him for some years, it is obvious to me that John McAdams is engaged in a full-time search-and-destroy mission, scouring all of the JFK chatrooms 24/7, with the sole intent of debunking or ridiculing any assertions, findings, or conclusions by American citizens that are at odds with the lone-nut findings of the Warren Commission. He does not contribute anything positive to the JFK debate; rather, his sole intent is clearly to disrupt and sow dissention within the independent, honest, JFK research community...

Response to associate professor john mcadams’s attack on Cheryl Abbate
A Critical Response to John McAdams’s Attacks on Cheryl Abbate

Not only did Professor McAdams provide dishonest and incomplete information about the events surrounding Ms Abbate’s ethics class, but he has defended the blatantly false claims about Ms. Abbate on other news outlets

Political Smear from John McAdams -
A philosophy graduate student and instructor at Marquette University is the target of a political attack initiated by one of her students, facilitated by a Marquette political science professor, and promulgated by certain advocacy organizations.(several Updates)

Open Letter Of Support for Cheryl Abbate
The one-sided public attack on a graduate student by a professor over classroom behavior is a threat to academic freedom. It does not appear from reading the blog post of Professor McAdams, that he made any attempt to get Abbate’s side of the story

Cheryl Abbate "She needs to be shut up" - John Mcadams
A graduate student teaching assistant is leaving Marquette University after being publicly targeted by a tenured professor for her response to a student who wanted to argue against gay marriage in her ethics class, according to a national blog for philosophy professionals.
"Opinions with which they disagree are not merely wrong, and are not to be argued against on their merits,
but are deemed 'offensive' and need to be shut up," he wrote.


Cheryl Abbate responds to "fake claims" on mcadams blog
Read her side here

Open Letter to Marquette University...
Justice for mcadams - read here

Anatomy Of An Online Atrocity
John Mcadams tacitcs again revealed

Who is Mcadams, CIA disinformation asset, or just plain Crackpot? - By Jim Hargrove Since Mcadams is known to use the alias "Paul Nolan" just how many other names has he used to deceive? He claims to be many things. A jet-propulsion expert, or Crackpot?
Here is what was discovered.

McAdams is not just a fraud as a teacher. He is a corrupt man. - by Isabel Kirk
And not merely corrupt; he is an evangelist for corruption and fraud. He has sought and enlisted disciples, and they employ his knowingly fraudulent "methodology" in their writing "assignments," many of which are posted to the website of Marquette University.

John McAdams and the Siege of Chicago by Jim DiEugenio with Brian Hunt
  • Part One
  • Part Two
    "McAdams did indeed make comments that were intended to imply that Gary Aguilar was a drug addict.
    IMO, they were deliberate, malicious and intended to smear the doctor."

    Mcadams Embarrassed at "The Education Fourm"- by John Simkin
    If you do any research of major figures in the JFK assassination via web search engines you will soon find yourself on John McAdams’ website. He is clearly the main disinformation source on the net. He adopts an academic tone and if one was not aware of the facts of the person or event he is writing about, one would think he has logically looked at the evidence available. He is therefore doing a successful job in misleading students about the JFK assassination.

    Remember that John McAdams was a representative of ICPSR - By Lisa Pease

    Reviews of John McAdams' JFK Assassination Logic:

  • How to Think Like John McAdams - by David Mantik
    Despite his pompous claim to teach all of us how to think critically, McAdams offers not a single reference to standard works on logical fallacies. Nor does he ever present his unique credentials for this task. A

  • Review - by Gary Aguilar, MD
    Right off the bat, John McAdams displays a trait that skeptics find both common and infuriating among Warren Commission loyalists – blatant dishonesty.

    The Gospel According to John McAdams - by Pat Speer

  • Review - by Frank Cassano
    …I suppose McAdams misremembered his real name when he was seen carousing around the 1995 COPA Conference using the assumed name of “Paul Nolan: Jet Propulsion Expert”? Comments on John Mcadams - by Michael T. Griffith
    It is my contention that most of McAdams’ claims are wrong
    and that in some cases McAdams presents information that is badly outdated.

    Critique #1 of John McAdams - by From Ken Vogler

    Critique #2 of John McAdams - by Jeff Orr

    Critique #3 of John McAdams

    Critique #4 of John McAdams

    The Professor at the distinguished university is an Academic Crackpot...

    John Mcadams Pedophilia Scandle
    McAdams accuses group users of pedophilia and drug abuse?

    On LIne Insults Put Conduct @ Issue - by Tom Vandenbrrok of the Milwaukee -Journal Sentinel - March 24th 1996
    A Marquette University professor who hurled profane insults has been chastised by university officials...

    Wikipedia Scandle
    John Mcadams flagged hundreds of time "conflict of interest.html" flags for his role

    Mcadams and Nazis
    Wiki user pal of mcadams USER Gamaliel aka "Robert Fernandez of Florida" deletes hundreds of posts with Most proud of his contributions to the Wikipedia article on Lee Harvey Oswald as a lone assassin... deletes anything to the contrary.> He had Nazi Swastika on his website

    Althought I did notice wikipedia editor Gamaliel has a NAZI swastika flag on his talk page. Len Osanic 20:27, 19 December 2005 (UTC)

    I'm very discouraged to learn that the editor who took issue with your corrections had a Nazi swastika on his page. User:Pedant 05:13, 29 January 2007 (UTC)

    Sieg heil Gamaliel! Thank you for that utterly worthless block... Gamaliel wikipedia page

    Maybe you should just lock the page. (John McAdams) Sorry, Wikipedia policies prohibit us from locking the page to protect a preferred version. I will try to keep a better eye on it though. Gamaliel (Angry Mastodon! Run!) 05:50, 28 December 2007 (UTC) That will be appreciated. (John McAdams) —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 06:01, 28 December 2007 (UTC)

    Althought there is no nazi writing on mcadams website shouldn't he be more careful who he associates with? Payback for your own website quote john

    Radio Debate: Host Anton Batey Tom Rosley vs mcadams

    Radio Debate: Host Paul Garson Greg Burnham vs mcadams

    Radio Debate: Host Len Osanic Jim DiEugenio vs mcadams

    Mcadams rants and raves about the book "Report From Iron Mountain"
    Lets look at what the author had to say before Mcadams slanders
    Fletcher Prouty any further.
    This is what author Leonard Lewin said about his own book.
    Read it for yourself first.

    New York Times Book Review: March 19, 1972

    Leonard Lewin wrote a review of his own book in March 19th, 1972
    Col. Fletcher Prouty read this and kept it.
    He quotes from the review during this interview in 1988.
    He knew for years what Leonard Lewin wrote!

    Other opinions of the interview
    Others have left e-mail with their thoughts on the Report from Iron Mountain and Col. Prouty's comments on the Leonard Lewin novel.

  • 15 min. clip
    "Tom Valentine Show"
    A discussion of the "Report from Iron Mountain"
    Tom interviews Col. Fletcher Prouty

    Tom: One of my listeners sent me some tapes of another radio show out of Seattle, Washington. And there was a guy on, and I'm gonna have that guy on my show next week. A guy named K.C. Depass, Depass yeah. And he was saying that the, the powers structure guys. These same guys we've been talking about, this USTEC and everything. They had, one of your old bosses, was the head man of this group. Were wondering what would happen to the world if it didn't have a war economy.

    You know as a lot of people say you can't an economy without wars anymore, not under modern...uh... there's no free enterprise anyway but modern capital and communistic type enterprise. You must have wars or you're not gonna be able to sustain an economy, you're gonna have a terrible depression.
    And these people got together to study, what we can do with the economy, if we have a peacetime situation.
    And this guy K.C Depass says that "what was written as novel in a book called 'Report from Iron Mountain' is really and truly factual material" from a group of men headed by none other than your old boss McNamara.
    And these guys where talking about, "how are we gonna keep the economy going in peacetime?"
    Now what do you think about that book?

    Col. Prouty's comments follow... please listen to the clip. or to apreciate to wisdom, knowledge, and insight of Col. Fletcher Prouty listen to the whole interview

    75 min clip
    2. The Entire Interview"
    The entire interview with Tom Valentine 12/10/88 - Radio free America -

    Asleep at the wheel...

    McAdams commits daily academic fraud ...McAdams has neither the educational preparation nor the ability for such a position -- his language skills are abysmal; his analytical skills non-existent. Not only has he done no research whatsoever on the historical question he pretends to study, he has no knowledge of even the basics of a research methodology. Thus, McAdams himself argues against long established historical facts; on the other hand, he is incapable of doing the research necessary to either confirm or dispute such facts. - Debra Hartman