JFK Assassination related Real Audio

8 min. clip
1. - Lee Oswald Interview!
This rare radio interview of Lee Oswald shows that this man was an articulate, intelligent individual. Note how Oswald is uncomfortable with the interviewer's questioning of the true nature of his stay in Russia. Oswald intimates that he was there under the "Protection" of the U.S. Government in some form during his stay.

This revealing interview raises the question of who sponsored his trip, why his U.S. Passport was not revoked, why and how he came to have the resources to return to the USA after what amounts to a defection.

See also The last Words of Lee Oswald

4:30 min. clip
2. Latin Listening Post
This rare clip from the interview with Lee Oswald on the program "Latin Listening Post".
He discusses the "Fair Play For Cuba Committee", the same week he was arrested in New Orleans.

The clips ends with a quick comments by Philip Melanson

8 min. clip
3. Clay Shaw interviewed.
Another very rare 1967 interview, Clay Shaw denies knowing or have ever met David Ferrie or Lee Oswald, despite the evidence, photos of them together for one.
Mr. Shaw gives his thoughts of John F. Kennedy and Jim Garrison and the Warren Commission

30 sec. clip
4. Dean Andrews.
A small clip of Dean Andrews for those who wonder what he sounded like.
I'm not under in a position to comment, I'm under closure because of a court order directing those persons involved, the principles that is, prohibiting comment on the case. To my right, or the audiences left is my chief council John Doweling and to his right is his associate council Walter Kelly, and I would suggest that I turn the question over to my capable councilor

11 min. clip
5. Jim Garrison Street tour.
In this very rare 1967 interview, Jim Garrison gives a street tour of New Orleans pointing out the various buildings surrounding 544 camp street. The Office of Naval Intelligence, and Guy Banister's office among others. Back at his office Garrison gives more details of his upcoming trial with Clay Shaw.