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28 min. clip
Dialogue Assassination #8
Mae Brussell Radio with Gloria Barron.
Show # 8 from Aug. 18th 1971

A discussion of the JFK Assassination. Mae challenges Jack Anderson to "put up or shut up" once and for all. His ridiculous articles in which he claims his investigators have have called the new criticism of the Warren commision by Don Reily as "Balderdash" Mae will meet anywhere anytime to challenge his "investigators" conclusions. Mae goes through her links of Oil people and "The Munich Gang"
She exposes conections of Bernard Weisman, William Burly, Larry Schmit, and others The Warren Commision did not say they were US. Military Counter Intelligence in Munich Germany in 1962

27 min. clip
Dialogue Assassination #8 (Part two)

Mae continues with the Warren Comission's "full scale" investigation on the famous ad placed in Dallas, "JFK - wanted for treason".
She points out General Walker knew Jack Ruby, Howard Duff saw him at his home two times, but was never called to the Warren Comission. Walker's partner who printed the "wanted posters" was the only witness to use the 5th amendment with his testimony.

29 min. clip
Dialogue Conspiracy #311
Mae Brussell Radio show # 311 from March 5th 1978

A discussion with Doug Wallace, and Preston Truman.
Topics include the Mormon Church, and Howard Hughes.

Part 1

Part 2
World Watchers #465
Mae Brussell Radio show #465 from Nov. 2 1980
(although she mistakenly aqnnounced it as 464)
The Election of Ronald Reagan, Adm. Thomas Moorer
DIA, CIA, Navy, Heroin traffic,

More on the "Nugan-Hand Affair" Frank Nugan, John Paisley and J.F. Kennedy assassination links?
CIA funded terrorist schools in Libya. Terpil, Korkola, Narcotics and politics.

Part 1

Part 2
World Watchers #466
Mae Brussell Radio show # 466 from Nov. 9 1980

FACES OF POWER, Truman to J.F. Kennedy assassination.

The Hoover Institute, Lincoln assassination, US Empire. Assassins moving into power.

Part 1

Part 2
World Watchers #481
Mae Brussell Radio show # 481 from Feb 22 1981

Soviet Response to Reagan's "terrorism". "You killed J.F. Kennedy, M.L. King, R.F. Kennedy, Tsombe, Lamummba, Torres, and more. Tried to kill Castro." More links of Nugan Hand, CIA, Australia, to Wells Fargo.

Part 1

Part 2
World Watchers #482
Mae Brussell Radio show # 482 from March 1st 1981

Part 1

Part 2
World Watchers #483
Mae Brussell Radio show # 483 from March 8th 1981

The Nugan-Hand Bank revealed as a CIA asset
as a haven for drug money in Part two

28 min. clip
World Watchers #808
Mae Brussell Radio show # 808
The first 5 min Mae recalls her memories of the Sgt. Pepper album and events of 1967 when the album was released. Then is back with her famous style of bringing important political forces to the public eye. Notably those involved with the Iran/Contra scandal.

28 min. clip
World Watchers # 808 (part II)
World Watcher # 808 (part II)
The Iran Contra Hearings

12 min. clip
World Watchers # 808 (part III)
World Watcher # 808 (part III)
Mae after a little trouble with the phone line takes a call and discusses the Iran/Contra hearings, and offers some advice with political conversations with family and friends.

9 min. clip
Dialoge Conspiracy #179

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