Interviews with Oliver Stone

20 min. clip
Oliver Stone Lecture
Oliver Stone with Col. Prouty and others at the National Press Club disscus his movie "JFK". Oliver goes through his movie point by point against the "Warren Commision" myth.

30 min. clip
Oliver Stone Lecture (part II)
Oliver Stone answers questions from the audience regarding his film "JFK". He offered a good insite into the assassination, and put his film into perspective. He was very articulate attacking the media disinformation regarding the film, and defended Jim Garrison and Col. Fletcher Prouty. Very reasonable and convicing arguments.

16 min. clip
"The Man X"
From the film 'JFK', the audio in which Donald Sutherland "X" talks with Kevin Costner. Why was Kennedy shot? Who benefited? Who has the power to cover it up? In reality this meeting took place through a series of letters between Jim Garrison and Col. Fletcher Prouty. They did in fact meet face to face. But not as critics have noted, on the steps of the Lincoln memorial

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